Rene Elizondo Net Worth

Title: Rene Elizondo Net Worth: A Closer Look at His Career and Finances


Rene Elizondo is a renowned American dancer, songwriter, and music video director who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. With his multifaceted talents and creative endeavors, Elizondo has garnered both fame and fortune throughout his career. In this article, we will explore Rene Elizondo’s net worth in 2023, along with five interesting facts about his life and accomplishments.

Rene Elizondo’s Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Rene Elizondo’s estimated net worth is $10 million. He has accumulated his wealth through various endeavors, including his successful career as a dancer, songwriter, and music video director. Elizondo’s skills and contributions have garnered him numerous opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the music industry, further contributing to his financial success.

Five Interesting Facts about Rene Elizondo

1. Multi-Talented Artist: Rene Elizondo began his career as a professional dancer, showcasing his skills in music videos for iconic artists such as Janet Jackson, with whom he later formed a romantic relationship. However, Elizondo’s talents extend beyond dancing, as he has also ventured into songwriting and music video directing.

2. Collaboration with Janet Jackson: Elizondo’s most notable collaboration was with Janet Jackson, whom he married in 1991. The couple maintained a private relationship for nearly a decade before their separation in 2000. Their partnership resulted in a successful creative collaboration on several projects, including the iconic music video for Jackson’s hit song, “Love Will Never Do (Without You).”

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3. Songwriting Success: As a songwriter, Elizondo has made significant contributions to numerous tracks, both for Janet Jackson and other artists. He co-wrote several songs on Jackson’s highly successful albums, including her 1993 album “janet.” and the 1997 album “The Velvet Rope.”

4. Music Video Director: Elizondo has also made a name for himself as a music video director. He directed several of Janet Jackson’s music videos, including “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “Again.” His directorial talent and creative vision have left a lasting impact on the music industry.

5. Privacy and Legacy: Despite his notable contributions to the entertainment industry, Rene Elizondo has maintained a relatively private life. While he may not be in the spotlight as frequently as some other public figures, his work and collaborations continue to be celebrated and remembered.

Common Questions about Rene Elizondo

1. What is Rene Elizondo’s age?
Rene Elizondo was born on January 30, 1962, which would make him 61 years old in 2023.

2. What is Rene Elizondo’s height and weight?
Unfortunately, specific information about Rene Elizondo’s height and weight is not publicly available.

3. Who is Rene Elizondo’s spouse?
Rene Elizondo was previously married to Janet Jackson. They tied the knot in 1991 but separated in 2000.

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4. Which music videos did Rene Elizondo direct?
Rene Elizondo directed several music videos, including Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “Again.”

5. What is Rene Elizondo’s primary source of income?
Rene Elizondo’s primary sources of income include his work as a dancer, songwriter, and music video director.

6. Has Rene Elizondo won any awards for his work?
While Rene Elizondo has not won any individual awards, his contributions to the music industry have been widely recognized and celebrated.

7. How did Rene Elizondo start his career in the entertainment industry?
Rene Elizondo began his career as a professional dancer, which eventually led him to collaborate with renowned artists and expand his creative endeavors.

8. Did Rene Elizondo pursue any other ventures apart from music?
While his focus has primarily been on music and dance, Rene Elizondo has also dabbled in acting, making appearances in television series such as “Fame” and “The X-Files.”

9. What are some of Rene Elizondo’s notable songwriting credits?
Rene Elizondo has co-written several notable songs, including “Again” and “Any Time, Any Place” for Janet Jackson, as well as “You Rock My World” for Michael Jackson.

10. How did Rene Elizondo’s marriage to Janet Jackson impact his career?
While their marriage brought Rene Elizondo increased public attention, his career achievements and successes were independent of his relationship with Janet Jackson.

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11. Is Rene Elizondo still active in the entertainment industry?
While he has maintained a relatively low profile in recent years, Rene Elizondo’s contributions to the entertainment industry have left a lasting impact, and he may continue to work on creative projects.

12. Does Rene Elizondo have any children?
Rene Elizondo does not have any known children.

13. What is Rene Elizondo’s most successful music video as a director?
One of Rene Elizondo’s most successful music videos as a director is Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes,” which won numerous awards and became a chart-topping hit.

14. Does Rene Elizondo have any upcoming projects?
As of 2023, there is no public information regarding any upcoming projects involving Rene Elizondo.


Rene Elizondo’s net worth in 2023 stands at an estimated $10 million, earned through his varied talents and contributions to the entertainment industry. As a dancer, songwriter, and music video director, Elizondo has left an indelible mark on the music world. While maintaining a relatively private life, his collaborations with Janet Jackson and his creative achievements continue to be celebrated. Rene Elizondo’s legacy in the entertainment industry remains significant, and his impact on music and dance will be remembered for years to come.

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