Naked Cowboy Net Worth

Title: Naked Cowboy Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Man Behind the Cowboy Hat


The Naked Cowboy, known for strutting the streets of New York City in nothing but his underwear, boots, and a cowboy hat, has become an iconic figure over the years. In this article, we will delve into the net worth of the Naked Cowboy in 2023, along with five interesting facts about his life and career. Additionally, we will provide answers to 14 commonly asked questions about this unique personality, including information about his age, height, weight, and spouse.

Naked Cowboy’s Net Worth in 2023:

The Naked Cowboy, whose real name is Robert John Burck, has built a brand around his unconventional profession. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is a staggering $4 million. This impressive figure is a result of his successful street performances, merchandise sales, brand endorsements, and various media appearances.

Five Interesting Facts about Naked Cowboy:

1. A Surprising Start: The Naked Cowboy’s journey began in 1998 when he first appeared on the streets of New York City. However, he initially struggled to gain attention until he decided to strip down to his underwear and don his now-iconic cowboy hat. This bold move instantly attracted the curiosity of passersby and media attention, gradually turning him into a local celebrity.

2. Extensive Media Presence: Over the years, the Naked Cowboy has made numerous appearances on television shows, commercials, and music videos. He has been featured on programs such as “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The View,” among others. Through these media appearances, he has further expanded his brand and increased his net worth.

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3. Brand Expansion: Naked Cowboy has capitalized on his unique persona by developing a merchandise line featuring his image and catchphrases. From t-shirts and hats to keychains and posters, his merchandise has gained immense popularity among tourists and fans alike. This further contributes to his overall net worth.

4. Lawsuit Success: In 2010, the Naked Cowboy filed a lawsuit against Mars, Inc., accusing them of using his likeness without permission in an M&M’s commercial. The case was settled out of court, resulting in a substantial financial gain for the Naked Cowboy. This legal victory showcased his determination to protect his brand and intellectual property.

5. Philanthropic Endeavors: Beyond his public persona, the Naked Cowboy has been involved in several charitable activities. He has participated in fundraisers and events supporting various causes, including cancer research and veterans’ organizations. His philanthropic efforts have not only made a positive impact on society but have also helped enhance his public image.

Common Questions about Naked Cowboy:

1. What is the age of Naked Cowboy?
Robert John Burck, the Naked Cowboy, was born on December 23, 1970. As of 2023, he is 52 years old.

2. How tall is the Naked Cowboy?
The Naked Cowboy stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

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3. What is the weight of the Naked Cowboy?
Robert John Burck maintains a fit physique and weighs around 180 pounds (82 kg).

4. Does the Naked Cowboy have a spouse?
Yes, the Naked Cowboy is married to Patricia Cruz, whom he tied the knot with in 2010.

5. How did the Naked Cowboy become famous?
The Naked Cowboy gained fame by performing on the streets of New York City, dressed only in his underwear, boots, and a cowboy hat. His eccentric appearance and lively street performances caught the attention of locals and media outlets.

6. How much money does the Naked Cowboy make from his street performances?
The Naked Cowboy primarily earns his income through tips from his street performances. On average, he reportedly makes around $150 to $300 per hour.

7. Where does the Naked Cowboy perform?
The Naked Cowboy can usually be found in Times Square, New York City, where he entertains tourists and passersby.

8. Has the Naked Cowboy released any music albums?
Yes, the Naked Cowboy has released several music albums, including “Under the Naked Sky” and “Cowboy Rides Again.” These albums feature his original songs, showcasing his musical talents.

9. How many merchandise items has the Naked Cowboy sold to date?
The Naked Cowboy has sold millions of merchandise items, ranging from t-shirts and hats to posters and keychains, contributing significantly to his net worth.

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10. What is the Naked Cowboy’s estimated net worth?
As of 2023, the Naked Cowboy’s estimated net worth is $4 million.

11. How did the Naked Cowboy win his lawsuit against Mars, Inc.?
The Naked Cowboy won his lawsuit against Mars, Inc. for unauthorized use of his likeness in an M&M’s commercial through a settlement agreement, resulting in a favorable financial outcome.

12. What are some charities supported by the Naked Cowboy?
The Naked Cowboy actively supports charities such as cancer research organizations and veterans’ initiatives, among others.

13. Has the Naked Cowboy ever appeared in movies or TV shows?
Yes, the Naked Cowboy has made appearances in various movies and TV shows, including comedies and reality shows, which have further boosted his public profile.

14. What are some of the Naked Cowboy’s catchphrases?
The Naked Cowboy is known for his catchy catchphrases, including “Only in New York,” “Naked Cowboy for President,” and “I’m Naked and I Vote!”


The Naked Cowboy has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the streets of New York City and popular culture as a whole. With a soaring net worth of $4 million in 2023, Robert John Burck continues to entertain and captivate audiences worldwide. Through his unique approach to street performance and savvy branding strategies, the Naked Cowboy has proven that unconventional ideas can lead to remarkable success.

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