Mike Clattenburg Net Worth

Title: Mike Clattenburg Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Canadian Filmmaker’s Success


Mike Clattenburg, a renowned Canadian filmmaker, has captivated audiences around the world with his unique storytelling and directorial skills. With a career spanning several decades, Clattenburg has not only gained critical acclaim but has also amassed significant wealth. In this article, we delve into Mike Clattenburg’s net worth in 2023, along with five interesting facts about his life and career.

Mike Clattenburg’s Net Worth in 2023:

As of 2023, Mike Clattenburg’s estimated net worth is $8 million. His success can be attributed to his prolific work in the film industry, both as a director and a writer. Clattenburg’s creative vision and ability to connect with diverse audiences have propelled him to great heights, earning him both financial success and numerous accolades.

Five Interesting Facts about Mike Clattenburg:

1. A Trailblazer in Canadian Comedy:
Mike Clattenburg is widely recognized for his groundbreaking work on the hit Canadian television series “Trailer Park Boys.” As the creator, writer, and director of the show, he played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Canadian comedy. The series gained a massive following and became a cult classic, further solidifying Clattenburg’s reputation as a comedic genius.

2. Adept in Various Genres:
While “Trailer Park Boys” propelled Clattenburg into the limelight, his versatility as a filmmaker is evident in his ability to work across multiple genres. From comedy to drama and even documentary filmmaking, Clattenburg has exhibited his talent in creating compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

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3. International Recognition:
Clattenburg’s work has not only garnered acclaim in Canada but has also received international recognition. His films and television series have been celebrated at prestigious festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. Such recognition further cements his status as a respected filmmaker worldwide.

4. Collaborative Endeavors:
Throughout his career, Mike Clattenburg has collaborated with various talented actors and writers, fostering a creative environment that has led to the success of many projects. His ability to assemble exceptional teams has contributed to the quality and popularity of his work.

5. Entrepreneurial Ventures:
Beyond his directorial pursuits, Clattenburg has also ventured into entrepreneurship. He co-founded SwearNet, an online platform that offers original programming, podcasts, and merchandise. This innovative platform allows Clattenburg to continue engaging with his fans and explore new creative avenues.

Common Questions about Mike Clattenburg (with Answers):

1. What is Mike Clattenburg’s age?
Mike Clattenburg was born on August 12, 1968. As of 2023, he is 55 years old.

2. How tall is Mike Clattenburg?
While information about Mike Clattenburg’s exact height is not readily available, he is believed to be around 5 feet 10 inches tall.

3. What is Mike Clattenburg’s weight?
Mike Clattenburg’s weight is not publicly known as he prefers to keep his personal information private.

4. Who is Mike Clattenburg’s spouse?
Mike Clattenburg is married to Michelle Clattenburg. Together, they have shared a long and supportive partnership throughout his career.

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5. Which films or television shows has Mike Clattenburg directed?
Mike Clattenburg has directed several notable projects, including the television series “Trailer Park Boys,” the films “The Trailer Park Boys Movie” and “Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day,” as well as the documentary “The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour.”

6. Has Mike Clattenburg received any awards for his work?
Yes, Mike Clattenburg has received numerous awards for his contributions to the film industry. He has been honored with accolades such as the Gemini Award for Best Comedy Program or Series and the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Director.

7. Did Mike Clattenburg start his career in the film industry?
Yes, Mike Clattenburg began his career in the film industry as a director of music videos before transitioning to television and film.

8. Is Mike Clattenburg still involved in filmmaking?
Yes, Mike Clattenburg continues to be actively involved in filmmaking, working on new projects and exploring different creative avenues.

9. Has Mike Clattenburg directed any international productions?
While Mike Clattenburg primarily operates within the Canadian film industry, his work has gained international recognition, attracting a global audience.

10. What inspired Mike Clattenburg to pursue a career in filmmaking?
Mike Clattenburg’s passion for storytelling and his desire to entertain and connect with people motivated him to pursue a career in filmmaking.

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11. How does Mike Clattenburg engage with his fans?
Mike Clattenburg actively engages with his fans through social media platforms, where he shares updates on his projects and interacts with his audience.

12. Does Mike Clattenburg have any upcoming projects?
As of 2023, specific details about Mike Clattenburg’s upcoming projects are not readily available. However, given his dedication to his craft, it’s safe to assume that he is actively working on new ventures.

13. Has Mike Clattenburg ever collaborated with other notable Canadian filmmakers?
Yes, Mike Clattenburg has collaborated with various notable Canadian filmmakers, including Paul Gross and Don McKellar, further showcasing his versatility and commitment to the Canadian film industry.

14. Does Mike Clattenburg support any charitable causes?
While specific information about Mike Clattenburg’s involvement in charitable causes is not widely publicized, many filmmakers commonly contribute to various charitable initiatives, and it is likely that he may be involved in supporting causes important to him.


Mike Clattenburg’s net worth of $8 million in 2023 stands as a testament to his talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. From his groundbreaking work on “Trailer Park Boys” to his versatility as a filmmaker, Clattenburg has carved out a distinguished career in the Canadian film industry. With his ongoing dedication to storytelling, he continues to inspire audiences and leave an indelible mark on the world of filmmaking.

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