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Title: Buck Taylor Net Worth: Exploring the Accomplishments and Wealth of the Legendary Actor


Buck Taylor, a renowned American actor and painter, has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry throughout his illustrious career. With his iconic roles in popular Western television series and films, Taylor has amassed both fame and fortune. This article delves into Buck Taylor’s net worth in 2023, shedding light on interesting facts about his life, career, and achievements. Additionally, we will address some frequently asked questions about this legendary actor.

Buck Taylor’s Net Worth in 2023:

As of 2023, Buck Taylor has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Over the years, his acting career, combined with his talent as a painter, has helped him accumulate substantial wealth. Let’s explore some interesting facts about Buck Taylor and his journey to success:

1. A Western Icon:
Buck Taylor gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of gunsmith-turned-deputy “Newly O’Brien” in the iconic television series “Gunsmoke.” His role in the show, which aired from 1967 to 1975, solidified his status as a Western icon and contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

2. Acting Pedigree:
Born on May 13, 1938, in Hollywood, California, Buck Taylor was destined for a career in the entertainment industry. His father, Dub Taylor, was a well-established character actor, and his mother, Florence Gertrude Heffernan, was a popular actress. Buck’s family background undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping his passion for acting.

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3. Prolific Filmography:
Buck Taylor’s acting career extends far beyond “Gunsmoke.” He has appeared in numerous Western films, such as “Tombstone,” “The Alamo,” and “The Mist,” among others. His wide-ranging filmography showcases his versatility as an actor and has contributed significantly to his wealth.

4. Notable Television Appearances:
In addition to his iconic role in “Gunsmoke,” Buck Taylor has made appearances in various other television shows, including “Bonanza,” “The Virginian,” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.” These roles have further solidified his status as a beloved actor in the Western genre.

5. Passion for Art:
Apart from his acting endeavors, Buck Taylor is an accomplished artist. He specializes in Western-themed paintings, capturing the essence of the American frontier. His artwork has garnered critical acclaim and has been displayed in prestigious galleries and exhibitions. His talent as a painter has added to his overall net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buck Taylor:

1. What is Buck Taylor’s age?
Buck Taylor was born on May 13, 1938. As of 2023, he is 85 years old.

2. How tall is Buck Taylor?
Buck Taylor stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm).

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3. What is Buck Taylor’s weight?
The information about Buck Taylor’s weight is not publicly available.

4. Is Buck Taylor married?
Yes, Buck Taylor is married. He has been married to Goldie Ann Taylor since 1995.

5. What are some of Buck Taylor’s notable films?
Buck Taylor has appeared in several notable films, including “Tombstone” (1993), “The Alamo” (2004), and “The Mist” (2007).

6. How much did Buck Taylor earn from “Gunsmoke”?
While the exact amount is undisclosed, Buck Taylor’s role in “Gunsmoke” significantly contributed to his overall net worth.

7. Did Buck Taylor receive any awards for his acting?
Although Buck Taylor hasn’t received major awards, his contributions to Western cinema have been recognized and celebrated by fans and critics alike.

8. Does Buck Taylor continue to act today?
Yes, Buck Taylor remains active in the entertainment industry and occasionally takes on acting roles.

9. How did Buck Taylor develop an interest in painting?
Buck Taylor’s passion for painting was nurtured from a young age by his mother, Florence Gertrude Heffernan, who was also an artist.

10. Has Buck Taylor’s artwork been exhibited?
Yes, Buck Taylor’s artwork has been showcased in various galleries and exhibitions, receiving praise for its depiction of the American West.

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11. Does Buck Taylor have any children?
Yes, Buck Taylor has three children from his previous marriage to Judy Nugent. Their names are Adam, Matthew, and Cooper Taylor.

12. What other genres has Buck Taylor acted in?
While primarily known for Western roles, Buck Taylor has also ventured into other genres, including drama and action.

13. Is Buck Taylor on social media?
As of 2023, Buck Taylor does not have any official social media accounts.

14. Are there any upcoming projects featuring Buck Taylor?
For the latest updates on Buck Taylor’s upcoming projects, it is advisable to refer to reliable entertainment news sources or his official website.


Buck Taylor’s remarkable acting career, combined with his talent as a painter, has contributed to his estimated net worth of $6 million in 2023. As a Western icon, Buck Taylor’s legacy continues to endure through his memorable roles on television and in films. Additionally, his passion for art has allowed him to express his creativity and further enhance his overall wealth. With his indelible contributions to the entertainment industry, Buck Taylor has solidified his place among the legendary actors of our time.

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