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Ernie Brown Jr., popularly known as “Turtleman,” gained recognition as the star of Animal Planet’s reality series “Call of the Wildman.” Born on March 29, 1985, in Washington County, Kentucky, Ernie Brown Jr. has become a beloved figure in the world of wildlife conservation. Over the years, he has not only showcased his skills in capturing and releasing various animals but has also amassed a considerable net worth. As we step into the year 2023, let’s delve into Ernie Brown Jr.’s net worth and explore five interesting facts about this extraordinary wildlife enthusiast.

Ernie Brown Jr.’s net worth:

As of 2023, Ernie Brown Jr.’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million. His primary source of income stems from his television career, where he captivated audiences with his unique ability to handle and relocate animals. The show “Call of the Wildman” contributed significantly to his net worth, as it ran for several successful seasons, gaining a loyal fan base.

Five interesting facts about Ernie Brown Jr.:

1. Early life and introduction to wildlife: Growing up in Kentucky, Ernie Brown Jr. developed a deep passion for wildlife from an early age. He would often explore the woods, learning about the behaviors and habitats of various animals. This curiosity ultimately led him to become a skilled animal rescuer and handler.

2. Unconventional capturing methods: Ernie Brown Jr. is renowned for his unconventional methods of capturing animals, often using his bare hands. Instead of using traps or tranquilizers, he relies on his quick reflexes and expert knowledge to secure and safely release creatures. This unique approach has garnered him immense popularity and respect within the wildlife community.

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3. Love for snakes: While Ernie Brown Jr. is proficient in handling various animals, his love for snakes is particularly notable. He is known for his exceptional snake-handling skills and has even caught some of the most venomous snakes in the United States, including rattlesnakes and copperheads.

4. Wildlife conservation efforts: Beyond his television career, Ernie Brown Jr. is actively involved in wildlife conservation efforts. He understands the importance of protecting and preserving the natural habitats of animals, and he often educates viewers about the significance of coexisting with wildlife.

5. Post-television ventures: After the conclusion of “Call of the Wildman,” Ernie Brown Jr. has continued to pursue his passion for wildlife. He frequently makes appearances at events and wildlife sanctuaries, sharing his knowledge and experiences with fans. Additionally, he is involved in various animal-related ventures, further expanding his net worth.

Now, let’s move on to some common questions about Ernie Brown Jr.:

1. What is Ernie Brown Jr.’s height and weight?
Ernie Brown Jr. stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 185 pounds.

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2. Is Ernie Brown Jr. married?
As of 2023, Ernie Brown Jr.’s marital status is undisclosed.

3. Does Ernie Brown Jr. have any children?
No information is publicly available regarding Ernie Brown Jr.’s children.

4. Where does Ernie Brown Jr. currently reside?
Ernie Brown Jr. resides in Kentucky, his hometown.

5. What is Ernie Brown Jr.’s age?
As of 2023, Ernie Brown Jr. is 38 years old.

6. What other television shows has Ernie Brown Jr. appeared in?
Apart from “Call of the Wildman,” Ernie Brown Jr. has made guest appearances on various shows like “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

7. Is Ernie Brown Jr. still involved in wildlife conservation?
Yes, Ernie Brown Jr. remains dedicated to wildlife conservation efforts even after the conclusion of his television series.

8. Does Ernie Brown Jr. own a wildlife sanctuary?
No, Ernie Brown Jr. does not own a wildlife sanctuary. However, he actively supports such organizations.

9. Has Ernie Brown Jr. ever been injured while handling animals?
Yes, Ernie Brown Jr. has encountered several incidents resulting in minor injuries during his wildlife adventures. However, his expertise and caution have helped him minimize risks.

10. What inspired Ernie Brown Jr. to pursue a career in wildlife conservation?
Ernie Brown Jr.’s deep love for animals, which he developed during his childhood, inspired him to pursue a career dedicated to wildlife conservation.

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11. Has Ernie Brown Jr. written any books?
As of 2023, Ernie Brown Jr. has not released any books. However, he has expressed interest in sharing his experiences through writing in the future.

12. Does Ernie Brown Jr. have any plans for a new television show?
Currently, there is no information about Ernie Brown Jr.’s plans for a new television show. However, his fans remain hopeful for his return to the screen.

13. What is Ernie Brown Jr.’s favorite animal to handle?
Although Ernie Brown Jr. appreciates all animals, snakes have a special place in his heart. He finds their behavior fascinating and enjoys the challenge of capturing and handling them safely.

14. Does Ernie Brown Jr. offer wildlife training or courses?
As of now, Ernie Brown Jr. does not offer any wildlife training or courses. However, he continues to educate and inspire others through his public appearances and events.

In conclusion, Ernie Brown Jr.’s net worth has reached an impressive $1.5 million as of 2023. With his unique capturing methods, love for snakes, and dedication to wildlife conservation, he has left an indelible mark on the world of animal handling. As fans eagerly await his next venture, Ernie Brown Jr. remains a celebrated figure in the realm of wildlife conservation and education.

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