Craig Hodges Net Worth

Title: Craig Hodges Net Worth: A Basketball Legend’s Journey to Success


Craig Hodges, a former professional basketball player, is renowned for his exceptional shooting skills and his contributions to the sport. Throughout his career, Hodges amassed both fame and fortune, leaving fans curious about his net worth. In this article, we will delve into Craig Hodges’ net worth, exploring interesting facts about his life and career. Additionally, we will answer some commonly asked questions about the basketball legend.

Net Worth and Career Highlights:

As of 2023, Craig Hodges’ estimated net worth stands at $5 million. Let’s explore some fascinating facts about his life and career that shed light on his journey to success:

1. Dazzling NBA Career: Craig Hodges played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for ten seasons from 1982 to 1992, representing the San Diego Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and Chicago Bulls. He played a pivotal role in the Chicago Bulls’ three consecutive NBA championships from 1991 to 1993, showcasing his remarkable shooting skills.

2. Three-Point Shooting Maestro: Hodges was renowned for his exceptional three-point shooting abilities, earning him widespread recognition as one of the best long-range shooters of his time. In 1991, he won the NBA Three-Point Contest, a feat he repeated in the following year, making him the only player in history to win three consecutive contests.

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3. Social Activism: Beyond his basketball career, Craig Hodges was an influential voice for social justice. He famously attended the White House visit after the Chicago Bulls’ 1992 NBA championship wearing a dashiki and a letter addressing societal issues. His activism reflected his commitment to raising awareness about racial inequality and empowering marginalized communities.

4. Coaching Stint and Beyond: After retiring as a player, Hodges ventured into coaching, working as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. Hodges continues to inspire others through his motivational speaking engagements, where he shares his experiences and insights on success and social change.

5. Author and Entrepreneur: Craig Hodges is also an accomplished author, having written the book “Long Shot: The Triumphs and Struggles of an NBA Freedom Fighter.” Additionally, he has established himself as an entrepreneur, founding companies such as Dhodges Enterprises and Hodges Coaching Group, which focus on personal and professional development.

Common Questions about Craig Hodges (with Answers):

1. What is Craig Hodges’ age?
Craig Hodges was born on June 27, 1960. As of 2023, he is 63 years old.

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2. How tall is Craig Hodges?
Craig Hodges stands at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) tall.

3. What is Craig Hodges’ weight?
While specific information about his weight is not readily available, Hodges maintained a strong and athletic physique during his playing career.

4. Is Craig Hodges married?
Yes, Craig Hodges is married. However, specific details about his spouse are not publicly known.

5. What is Craig Hodges’ most notable achievement?
Hodges’ most notable achievement is winning the NBA Three-Point Contest three consecutive times (1990, 1991, and 1992).

6. How did Craig Hodges contribute to social activism?
Craig Hodges used his platform as an NBA player to raise awareness about social justice issues, such as racial inequality and the empowerment of marginalized communities.

7. What is Craig Hodges’ net worth?
As of 2023, Craig Hodges’ estimated net worth is $5 million.

8. Did Craig Hodges win any NBA championships?
Yes, Craig Hodges won three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls in 1991, 1992, and 1993.

9. Has Craig Hodges written any books?
Yes, Craig Hodges authored the book “Long Shot: The Triumphs and Struggles of an NBA Freedom Fighter,” which chronicles his life and experiences.

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10. What are Craig Hodges’ business ventures?
Craig Hodges has founded companies such as Dhodges Enterprises and Hodges Coaching Group, focusing on personal and professional development.

11. Where did Craig Hodges attend college?
Craig Hodges attended California State University, Long Beach, where he played college basketball.

12. What is Craig Hodges’ jersey number?
Craig Hodges wore the number 14 jersey during his NBA career.

13. Did Craig Hodges break any records during his career?
While Craig Hodges did not break any major NBA records, his three consecutive wins in the NBA Three-Point Contest remain a notable achievement.

14. Is Craig Hodges still involved in basketball?
Although he is no longer actively coaching, Craig Hodges continues to inspire others through motivational speaking engagements and his contributions to the sport and social justice.


Craig Hodges’ net worth of $5 million reflects his successful basketball career, entrepreneurial ventures, and dedication to social activism. As a talented shooter and an influential voice for change, his impact extends far beyond the basketball court. With his remarkable achievements and ongoing endeavors, Hodges continues to inspire generations to come.

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